A New Voice For Rockford!

Better Infrastructure. Lower Taxes.

Safer Neighborhoods.

Tyler Crosby is a native of the Stateline Area. An attorney and small business owner with the Crosby Law Firm, Tyler grew up in Rockford where he attended Rockford Christian High School.  Due to his love for the community, Tyler returned home to Rockford after graduating from law school in May of 2016 and set his roots there to start a family with his wife, Chloe.

Outside of the practice of law, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife, friends, and family. Tyler is a self-proclaimed history buff whose other hobbies include keeping up with sports, fishing, and hiking.

Vote YES For Our Roads!

I fully support this referendum that has provided critical funding to the roads in our ward.

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Better Infrastructure

Living in northern Illinois, we are all familiar with the rough conditions of our roads and sidewalks. As a resident of Rockford, Tyler has a heart for serving the needs of his neighbors and fellow community members.

Lower Taxes

The men and women of the stateline area are some of the hardest working in the county. Our community is renown for its industry and was a national leader during past wars when our nation needed Rockford the most.

Safer Neighborhoods

Tyler is well aware of the safety concerns of the law-abiding citizens of Rockford. As a resident of the Second Ward, Tyler believes the safety of his neighbors and their local businesses.