About Tyler Crosby

Tyler Crosby is a native of the Stateline Area. An attorney and employee of his small family business, the Crosby Law Firm, Tyler grew up in Rockford where he attended Rockford Christian High School.  Due to his love for the community and as a 5th generation Crosby born in Rockford, Tyler returned home after graduating from law school in May of 2016 and set his roots there to start a family with his wife, Chloe.

Since moving back to Rockford, Tyler has been involved throughout our community; serving on the Board of Directors of Stateline Youth for Christ and Shatter our Silence. Both organizations are dedicated to the at-risk youth for the Stateline community.

Stateline Youth for Christ (YFC as he calls it) is a not-for-profit serving the spiritual and emotional needs of youth across Rockford. With ministries established at several local schools and in the Juvenile Detention Center, YFC not only serves the children, but also the community at large, instilling Judeo-Christian values and work ethic in struggling children.

Shatter our Silence is a not-for-profit that Tyler helped establish with local business leader Kevin Polky. Shatter our Silence (SOS) serves as an educational outlet for parents and teachers who may suspect suicidal tenancies in our community’s youth. SOS provides suicide prevention education through mental health professionals in the stateline area.

Beyond Tyler’s involvement with local charities, he also attends Stateline Church on Perryville Road. Tyler believes that church and local community are the foundation of our system of government and has dedicated much of his adult life to firming up that foundation in Rockford.