As community means so much to Tyler, his campaign is focused on these three core platforms:

Better Infrastructure, Lowers Taxes and Safer Neighborhoods.

Tyler believes a safe and secure infrastructure is essential to a functioning community. He believes a man or woman works hard for their money and where they choose to use it should be their decision, not the decision of a faceless bureaucrat. Finally, the core of every flourishing community is its safety and the security felt by its residence. Whether that’s the safety of your business or for your nightly walk with your family, safety is the cornerstone of a community’s success.

Better Infrastructure:

Living in northern Illinois, we are all familiar with the rough conditions of our roads and sidewalks. As a resident of Rockford, Tyler has a heart for serving the needs of his neighbors and fellow community members. A dog owner himself, Tyler understands the necessity of even and well-maintained sidewalks, and as an employee of his local family business, Tyler understands how essential a functioning system of roads is to ongoings of everyday life.  To that end, Tyler believes one of the most basic purposes of local government is to ensure safe and effective roadways and sidewalks. During his time on City Council, Tyler will fight for the safety of the people of the Second Ward; keeping our roads safe and sidewalks maintained.

Lower Taxes:

The men and women of the stateline area are some of the hardest working in the county. Our community is renown for its industry and was a national leader during past wars when our nation needed Rockford the most. It is that hard-working attitude that has given Rockford its strength. The reward for that hard work is far too often taken away by a faceless government implementing newer and ever-growing taxes. Tyler believes the wages of those hard-working men and women should be their own. The way that money is spent should be up to you. It is due to this believe that Tyler will dedicate his time on City Councill to fighting for a more business friendly environment and lowering our local taxes. At the city level, not much can be done about Illinois’ tax policies, but Tyler believes it is the fundamental duty of any civil servant to fight for the wellbeing of the people. As such, Tyler will work with Springfield to advocate for lower taxes and better spending policies – policies that will benefit those hard-working men and women of Rockford’s Second Ward.

Safer Neighborhoods:

As a Rockford native and a 5th generation Rockfordian, Tyler is well aware of the safety concerns of the law-abiding citizens of Rockford. As a resident of the Second Ward, Tyler believes the safety of his neighbors and their local businesses is essential to the continued growth and success of our community. Safety leads to population growth, business growth and economic growth that benefits the entire city. What kind of business would want to move into an area where they believed their windows would be smashed in? It is this type of sensitivity that has hampered Rockford’s growth for far too long. As a City Council member, Tyler will advocate for the best training and the most resources possible for our local police force. As a supporter of the men and women in blue, Tyler will always be a voice of reason and advocacy for those brave defenders of our liberties. Tyler will work with the local police to ensure proper funding for training and equipment to ensure they can serve We The People to the best of their abilities.